Guadagnini Violin

Published documentation [see Doring 1949] of this particular instrument has been limited.
The following photos are part of an extensive study of this violin over the course of eight days in my studio .

Also referred to as J. B. Guadagnini (1711-1786), Born in Bilegno near Piacenza, Italy -
(southwest of Cremona by approx. 40 kilometers). GBG spent 45 years working in four locations.
Chronologically his makers labels read from Piacenza, Parma, Milan and finally—Turin.
Quite a prolific maker and considered the last link to the old school varnishes of the classic period.

A fine example of a late period Guadagnini, labeled:
[ Joannes Baptifta Guadagnini / Cremonenfis fecit Taurini / 1775 / GBG / T ]

"ex-Joachim" G.B. Guadagnini Turin 1775

(copyright ©2006 photos by L Douglas)                                                                                                                        (click for a detailed view)

G.B.Guadagnini violin

J.B. Guadagnini GB Guadagnini scroll

Guadagnini Guadagnini scroll

Guadagnini Guadagnini scroll

JB Guadagnini G.B. Guadagnini